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Why are plants so popular in 2020?

Greeneries are believed to increase productivity and wellness, and nurture better relationships, while enhancing greater problem solving. “Also, greeneries provide cleaner air - which is of course essential to all life. A substantial evidence base already exists that demonstrates how exposure to green space is very good for us. Living and working in a greener environment is associated with better mental health and lower all-cause mortality, from conditions such as circulatory disease and asthma, while cutting obesity levels through encouraging physical activity. Healthier workers make more productive workers.

The more time we've spent on screens, the more we’ve craved to do things with our hands and slow down a bit. Plants offer exactly that - you can’t hurry them along; there’s no instant gratification and they require you to get a bit messy. There’s a kind of therapy to be found in dealing with soil and growing things. The reward you get from seeing your houseplants thrive is priceless.

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