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Choosing your local florist

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Ordering florist flowers online is easier than ever.

After lockdown, florists, like a lot have businesses have had to adapt to the situation and for a lot of them that has meant improving their websites to make it easier for you, the customer, to place an online order whether that is for collection or delivery. Google search for a local florist in the area you want to send flowers, check the reviews and place your order. You will receive attention to detail from your florist as well as good value compared to some online companies. Beware of some of the big players who will use couriers to deliver flowers and factory-make bouquets or contract your flowers out to independent makers and take a percentage fee. Trust your florist to use fresh stems and to take care and pride in preparing your flowers and finally deliver your flowers safely and personally. Sending flowers is personal, “happy birthday, mum“, “get well soon old friend“, “congratulations“, “sorry!” “I love you”. Your local florist will understand your sentiment and will know what flowers best suit your gesture.

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