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Asking for seasonal flowers is always best

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

When shopping for flowers with your local florist, you are bound to come across many options, especially online. Many florists will promote certain colours awell as reliable flowers and online florists often have a section on their website dedicated to seasonal flower arrangements, ours is usually florists favourite flowers. The question a lot of shoppers have is why they should choose seasonal flowers over other bouquets and there are several very good reasons.

Where you benefit from ordering seasonal blooms is the cost. Seasonal flowers can be significantly cheaper, therefore you get more stems for your money. The easiest way of explaining the price differences is by comparing flowers to food. Costs will vary in seasons. Flowers are no different. The more they cost to grow, the more they cost florists and the higher the price for you the consumer.

Another great advantage of choosing seasonal flowers is their availability. Again, like food, when in season, you can find them everywhere! When they are out of season, these flowers are a bit more difficult to source. Some flowers like roses are considered staple items for florists since they are in regular demand. However high demand can impact cost. Take Valentine’s Day for example, roses are very available in the middle of winter and they are specifically grown and imported in order to support the high demand on this occasion, but everyone wants roses so this drives up the cost.

Your flowers will prefare cool temeratures but It’s still important to make sure that they are not exposed to excessive heat, cold, wind, or direct sunlight.

So, with all of these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why seasonal flowers are becoming increasingly popular. If in doubt, look around online for seasonal flowers or ask your florist at Passion For Flowers for their professional advice.

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