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Hawaii Palm


Looking for a tropical touch to keep green and vibrant in the UK?

Look to the Hawaii Palm Houseplant. This sturdy variety is particularly beloved for its palm fronds with vibrant, bright green leaves that bring a splash of exotic delight to any space or room. Keep reading to learn more about Hawaii Palm plant care.

The vulcan palm or cabbage on a stick, is a endangered species of Hawaiian lobelioid in the bellflower family, Campanulaceae. It is native to the islands of Kauaʻi and Niʻihau.

Benefits of Hawaii Palm Houseplant

The Hawaii Palm Houseplant is native to the tropical regions of Hawaii and other Pacific islands, and makes for an excellent addition to your indoor garden. Not only do they provide an exotic accent to your living space, but indoor plants are known for their various benefits too. Houseplants like the Hawaii Palm naturally filter the air, reducing harmful pollutants and allergens, and they add a therapeutic touch to your daily routine.

Caring for Your Hawaii Palm Houseplant

Caring for the Hawaii Palm fits well with the UK's moderate climate, and as such, requires love and attention. Keep these tips in mind to help your Hawaii Palm thrive:

1. Light - Hawaii Palms love full sunlight, but avoid overly bright, direct sunlight. Placing your plant by a sunny window with filtered light is an ideal location.

2. Soil - Keep Hawaii Palms in moist soil with good drainage. Use a rich, tropical potting soil and water your plant regularly.

3. Temperature - Hawaii Palms prefer moderate temperatures, somewhere in the range of 65°F – 79°F (18°C – 26°C). They need extra moisture in the air, which placement in a humid room, frequent misting, or use of a humidifier affords.

4. Fertilizer - Hawaii Palms need fertilizing about once a month during growing season, from spring to summer. Use a slow-release fertilizer or apply half-strength with regular feedings.

With some regular care and attention, the Hawaii Palm Houseplant can remain a stunning addition to your UK-based indoor garden. Treat them well, and be captivated by their natural beauty and therapeutic benefits.

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