Image is for illustration. Let us make up a fabulous seasonal bouquet. We will choose and design a gorgeous bouquet using the best of the rest with no seasonal flowers. This is a limited edition bouquet designed just for flowers in season. 

  • What is in season now?

    Tulips are in season in May, also hyacinths and as we get further into May and early June peonies become more available.

    Did you know peonies have a really short season peaking in the middle of June. This means they are in high demand and can cost a pretty penny but as they become more available in June the price eases and the quality is amazing, then as we near July and availabilty drops, prices swiftly start to climb again.

    Florists advice would be to get the best value with best quality you should buy peonies during June when there is also a huge selection of peonies.