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"Beautiful flowers that last for such a long time 💕 Would highly recommend !"

"Super friendly, little green oasis on Aigburth Road. Great to see the indoor houseplant selection expanding! If you´re after Monstera, Pachira or Dwarf Cavendish, you´ll find them here! Also, for cat friends - fresh cat grass is available here for your felines. Fantastic service throughout, highly recommended."

"Best florist ever!! After placing initial order, flowers were duly delivered
under three hours! A very professional florist, friendly staff and beautiful
flowers, no hesitation whatsoever to recommend to all!"


10 reviews

a year ago

Visited Dale at Passion for Flowers last Saturday for advice on flowers for my wife's Birthday as I wanted a seasonal selection with Peonys and red roses.

My options where explained and we agreed everything in a few minutes, very easy process.

The flowers where hand delivered, exactly on time and arranged beautifully.

My wife was delighted with the quality.

I will be going back to Passion for Flowers in future.


7 reviews

Excellent place, flowers are amazing and their service is second to none, used them quite a few times and always came through good!
Would highly recommend!

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From the blooming heart of our shop to yours, thank you for choosing Passion for flowers! In a world of big box stores and online giants, your decision to support a local florist like ours means more than you know.

It means you believe in freshness. You get the very best, picked at their peak, not days or weeks past their prime.

It means you value personalization. We're not robots churning out the same arrangements for everyone. Our passionate florists take the time to understand your needs and desires, crafting bouquets that are as unique as the emotions you want to express.

It means you support our community. We're not just a business; we're your neighbours. By choosing us, you're helping keep money circulating here, supporting local jobs, and contributing to the vibrancy of our city.

But most importantly, you're choosing connection. You're choosing the smile and friendly conversation when you walk in the door. You're choosing the expertise and genuine care that comes with years of experience and a passion for the floral arts.

This Mother's Day, your decision to go local can make a world of difference. Imagine the delight on Mum's face when she receives a vibrant, locally-crafted bouquet, knowing it was chosen with love and care, not just convenience. You're not just giving flowers; you're giving a piece of our community, a touch of personal connection, and a memory that will last long after the blooms have faded.

So, from the bottom of our blooming hearts, thank you for choosing us. We promise to continue offering the freshest flowers, expert advice, and personalized service that makes Passion for flowers your go-to florist for all occasions.

With gratitude and warmth,

The team at Passion for flowers x

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Elegant. Classic. Affordable.

At passion for flowers, we’re flower experts. We spend our days in Aigburth creating beautiful arrangements that you’re sure to love and enjoy. We offer a wonderful variety of fresh cut flowers, gorgeous arrangements and specialty products. Our clients have the chance to select from a large assortment of options that are suitable for every occasion. 

Buying Flowers
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Taking Care of Flowers

Our flowers need love and attention just like everything that’s precious in our lives. Flowers are delicate and sensitive, and it’s important to take proper care of them so that they will survive a long time. Be sure to always trim the stems and change the water regularly. For more tips and details on proper flower care, contact us today!
The florist will always prepare the stems for a bouquet by first of all removing any unwanted leaves before trimming the stem on an angle and placing in fresh cool tap water.

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Here’s What You Need to Do!

Houseplants need love and attention just like cut flowers need care. Watering your house plant at the right time is one of those care instructions.
Providing too much water for certain plants (e.g succulents) can easily kill them, while not providing enough for others will prevent the plant from growing, cause leaves to drop and flowers could fade quickly.
The environment and time of the year plays an important role in how much is the right amount for your plant.
It is important you follow the instructions provided for each individual plant.

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Care guide to florists flowers


Clean is best

  1. Clean your vase thoroughly. Any lingering bacteria will make your flowers wilt faster. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the vase, and then rinse it well.


Tap water is ok

2. Use fresh, lukewarm water. Cut flowers absorb water best when it is lukewarm. Fill the vase two-thirds full with water, and add the flower food that came with your flowers.


Sharp scissors help

3. Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. This will help the flowers to absorb water more easily. Use a sharp knife or shears to trim the stems, and remove any leaves that will be below the waterline.

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